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Hieland Laddie (3)

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Hieland Laddie (3)

There was a laddie come from Scotland,
Hieland laddie, bonnie laddie!
Bonnie laddie from fair Scotland,
Me bonnie hieland laddie, oh!

Way, hey, an' away we go!
Hieland laddie, bonnie laddie!
Way, hey, an' away we go!
Me bonnie hieland laddie, oh!

I joined a ship an' went a-sailin',
Sailed far north an' went a-whalin'.

Shipped far north on a Dundee whaler,
Shipped far north as a whalin' sailor.

Bound away to Iceland cold,
Found much ice but not much gold.

Thought it was a way to fortune,
But whalin's not the road to fortune.

We caught some whales and boiled their blubber,
Oil an' fat, choked every scupper.

I'll be glad when I get hame,
I'll give up this whalin' game.

Wisht meself in bonnie Scotland,
Back agen in bonnie Scotland.

Oh, hieland laddie went a-sailin',
Oh, hieland laddie went a-whalin'.


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