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The Hieland Laddie

The Hieland Laddie

1. As I came o'er the Cairney Mount
An' doon anang the bloomin' heather
The Hielan' laddie drew his dirk
And sheathed it in my wanton leather

cho: Oh my bonnie Hielan' laddie
     Ma handsome bonnie Heilan' laddie
     When I'm sick an like tae dee
     He'll row me in his tartan plaidee

2. Wi me he played his warlike pranks
An on me boldly did adventure
He did attack me on baith flanks
an pushed me firecely in the center

3. A furious ficht we did maintain
Wi equal courage an desire
Although he charged me three tae one
I stood ma ground an took his fire


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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