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Heiland Soldier

Heiland Soldier

High up amang yon Heiland hills
There lives a canny maiden,
And she's gone oot ane fine summer's nicht
To watch all the soldier's paradin'.

cho: And they looked sae braw as they marched awa',
     The drums they did rattle and the pipes they did blaw,
     Which caused young Mary for to weep and say,
     I will follow my Heiland soldier.

Ah, but, Mary dear, my wage is small,
And what if in battle I should fall,
I hae gang hame tae your Heiland hall,
Think nae mair on a soldier laddie !

Ah, but I got twenty pounds in the store,
And I've got a herd 'bout ten times more,
And I'll gie it to the laddie I adore,
And I'll follow my Heiland laddie.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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