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Highland Balou

Highland Balou

     Hee-balou, my sweet, wee Donald,
     Picture o' the great Clanronald;
     Brawly kens our wanton Chief
     Wha got my wee Highland thief.--

     Leeze me on thy bonie craigie,
     And thou live, thou'll steal a naigie,
     Travel the country thro' and thro',
     And bring hame a Carlisle cow.--

     Thro' the Lawlands, o'er the Border,
     Weel, my babie, may thou furder:
     Herry the louns o' the laigh Countrie,
     Syne to the Highlands hame to me.--

     A versification by Burns of the tenor of a Gaelic
     lullaby (Stenhouse Illus., 416).  With music in SMM V
     (1796), 486 (no. 472) [1.4 young].  Kinsley Burns 865
     (no. 580), and note, 1511.  Moffat 50 TSNR (1933), 32, with
     music, a "Gaelic Air", which changes the music of the
     4th line (s/ d' l s f m d d), besides expurgating the
     first st.: Thou'lt be chief o' a' the clan/ If thou art
     spared to be a man. Var.: 2.2 lift.


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