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High, High, High Cost of Livin

High, High, High Cost of Livin

The landlord wants his money
And the grocery bill is due
My ol wallet's gettin flat
And boys, I'm tellin you
My clothes are getting ragged
And my shoes are getting thin
Just lend an ear and you will hear
The awful fix I'm in:

cho: It's the high, high, high cost of livin
     Oh tell me what a workin man can do?
     It's the high, high, high cost of livin
     I'm in the red and feelin mighty blue!

There's no T-bone steak at our house,
And no more choclate pie
We can't afford those luxuries,
The prices are too high,
I used to drive a Cadillac
Until the other day
But I had to trade the darn thing off
And get a Model A.

My little wife she told me
Just the other day
Throw out the chest and tell the rest
That Junior's on his way
Now since you can't go shoot the stork,
A helpin hand I'll need;
Oh tell me how I can afford
Another mouth to feed?

As performed by the Critton Hollow String Band

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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