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Highland Paddy

Highland Paddy

Cho: You are welcome, Highland Paddy
     And by my side you'll surely stand
     Hear the people shout for freedom
     We rise in the morning with the Fenian band

 One evening fair as the sun was shining
 To Kilkenny I did ride
 I did speak with Captain Brady
 He'd a tall commander by his side
 Oh sir I've come to fight for Ireland
 For to drive the Saxon from our land
 He laughed at me his eyes were shining
 Ah but then he caught me by the hand

 So in the morning we rose early
 And just before the break of dawn
 Blackbirds singing in the heather
 Greeting us through the smiling band
 And gather round ye men of Ireland
 And raise your voices to the sky
 Let the green flag fly forever
 In the cause of freedom we'll fighting die

 Oh in our town close by the river
 On a lonely summer's day
 I saw the captain sorely bleeding
 Oh I knelt beside him and I heard him say
 Oh fare thee well my Highland Paddy
 Drive them from our countryside
 Freedom is a word we cherish
 And the bird was silent and this young man died

 Oh all my life I will remember
 Yes I'll remember night and day
 Once I rode into Kilkenny
 And I heard that noble Fenian say

 'Highland Paddies' - explained in the sleevenotes to Finbar and Eddie
 Furey's 'Four Green Fields' (1972) as Irishmen emigrated to Scotland, who
 returned to fight for Ireland in the '98.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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