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Hilda's Cabinet Band

Hilda's Cabinet Band
(Lal Waterson)

Dancing to Hilda's cabinet band
Doing the one where you never turn around
Up the hall slowly, down the hall fast
And a dignified finish on your arse

Put your right boot in, put it in again
Poll tax your girl in the middle of the ring
Privatize your partner, do it on your own
Kick the smallest one among you, promenade home

Swing your lady half a mile up the center aisle
Wage cut your neighbour, do it with a smile
Bow to the caller dozie-dole the men
And deregulate the couple at the bottom end

Underneath the arches, make yourself at home
Walls made of cardboard, beds made of stone
Penny on the water, twopence on the sea
And threepence on the roundabout and round go we

Recorded by the Watersons on the Hard Cash soundtrack

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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