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Hill and Gully Rider

Hill and Gully Rider

Took my horse an' comin' down,
     Hill an' gully
But my horse done stumble down
     Hill an' gully Hill an' gully
An' the nighttime come an' tumble down
     Hill an' gully

 The refrain appears between each line of the following verses too.

Oh the moon shone bright down,
Ain't no place to hide in down,
An' a zombie come a ridin' down

Oh, my knees they shake down
An' my heart starts quakin' down
An' I run 'til daylight breakin'

That's the last I set down,
Pray the Lord don' let me down.
Ain't nobody goin' to get me down.

I have a version in one of my ABC (Australia) school song books
and it has appeared in the past
 more than once. It's listed as traditional Jamaican and has
four verses as shown:


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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