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Hilo, Johnny Brown

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Hilo, Johnny Brown

Sally, she'm the gal that I love dearly
     'Way, sing Sally!
Sally, she'm the gal that I love dearly
     Hilo, Johnny Brown, stand to yer ground!

Sally she'm the gal that I spliced nearly,
Her lips is red an' her hair is curly,

Sally she'm a Badian beauty,
Sally-gal she'm know her dooty.

Sally she'm a bright mulatter,
Pretty gal but Ah cain't git at her
[or She drinks rum an'chaws terbacker].

Seven long years Ah courted Sally,
But Ah doan care ter dilly-dally.
Stand to yer ground an' we'll walk her up, boys,
Stand to yer ground an'we'll make a bit o'noise.

Never mind the weather, boys, keep yer legs tergether,
Haul away, me bully boys, an' bust the chafin'leather

The mate he goes aroun', boys, dinging an' a-dangin',
Fair land o' Canaan soon be a-showin'.

From Shanties from the Seven Seas, Hugill

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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