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     Fal de ral la, fal de ral la:
     Hinkumbooby, round about;
     Right hands in, and left hands out,
     Hinkumbooby, round about;
     Fal de ral, la, [etc.]


     Left hands in, and right hands out,

     Right foot in, and left foot out,

     Left foot in, and right foot out,

     Heads in, and backs out,

     Backs in, and heads out,

     A' feet in, and nae feet out,

     Shake hands a', shake hands a',

     Good night a', good night a'.

     Chambers PRS (1847), 273; (1870), 137; Gomme I.355
     (under "Lubin").  Ford CR, 85.  Cf. "Hilli ballu".
This is the ancestor of the popular dance of several years
back, the "Hokey Cokey".  Chambers' instructions are as
follows: "The party form a circle, taking hold of each
other's hands.  One sings, and the rest join, to the tune of
Lullibullero: [line 1]: while doing so, they move a little
sideways, and back again, beating the time (which is slow)
with their feet.  As soon as the line is concluded, each
claps his hand and wheels grotesquely round, singing at the
same moment the second line of the verse: [as above].  Then
they sing, with the appropriate gesture--that is, throwing
their right hand into the circle and the left out: [line 3],
still beating the time; then add as before, while wheeling
round, with a clap of the hands: [line 4; then 5,] Moving
sideways as before, hand in hand [and 6] Wheeling round as
before, with a clap of the hand." Later directions are: Right
foot set into the circle; heads thrust into the circle;
[backs in] Here an inclination of the person, somewhat
grotesque; [feet] On this occasion all sit down, with their
feet stretched into the centre of the ring. [Note: "It is a
great point to sit down and rise up promptly enough to be
ready for the wheel round."] [Good night] The boys bowing and
the misses courtesying in an affected formal manner."

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