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Hiram Hubbard

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Hiram Hubbard

Come gather round me children and a story I will tell
Come gather round me children and a story I will tell
Concerning poor Hiram Hubbard, and how he came and fell

While traveling through this country in sorrow and distress (2x)
The rebels overhauled him, and in chains they bound him fast

They whopped him up the mountain and they whopped him up the hill
To that place of execution where he begged to write his will

Farewell kind friends and neighbors, likewise my wife and child
I never hurt nobody, but now I'm bound to die

Well they bound the chains around him and they tied him to a tree
Eleven balls went through him and then he sank away

Hiram Hubbard was not guilty, I've heard great many say
He was not in this country, he was ninety miles away

DT #367
Laws A20
recorded by Joe Hickerson

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