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Round Hitler's Grave

Round Hitler's Grave

I'm a-going overseas,
Tell you what I'll do
I'll grab old Hitler by the neck
And break it right in two

     'Round and around Hitler's grave
     'Round and around we go
     We're gonna lay that poor boy down
     He won't get up no more.

Hitler he bombed London,
It was a mighty blitz;
But after we get through with him,
We'll give that poor boy fits.

Hitler said the Third Reich
Would last a thousand years.
His tanks are rolling backwards now-
We've made him strip his gears.

Goebbels said to Goering,
"We're in an awful fix,
The Yanks are dropping ten-ton bombs-
Berlin's a pile of bricks."

They marched right into Russia,
Just like Napoleon.
But when the snows began to fall,
They knew their time had come.

If anyone should ask you
Who was it sang this song,
It was a G.I. soldier boy,
As he does march along.

Printed in Silverman, American History Songbook
tune: Old Joe Clark

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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