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Maybe I'll Settle Down

Maybe I'll Settle Down
(Tom Paxton)

I'm going down that highway
Going to another town
Baby, when I find what I'm lookin' for
Then maybe I'll settle down.

cho: Why don't you help me brother
     I'm a stranger in your town
     Why don't you help me sister
     And maybe I'll settle down.

I worked my way from Boston
To that San Francisco Bay
Baby, what I was lookin' for
I couldn't find along the way.

Never been contented
No matter where I roam
It ain't no fun, just settin' sun
When you're far away from home.

I worked in the mills of Pittsburg
And the hills of Tennessee
Baby, all I want is to find a job
That will set my mind at ease.

cho: (twice)

Copyright Tom Paxton

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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