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Hills of Yatan

Hills of Yatan
(Graeme Miles)

1. There were shepherd's walks and drovers trods
   Across the hills of yatan
   through squelchy mire and clotty bogs
   Across the hills of Yatan.

   And when the heather's in full bloom
   And the wind blows through the bracken
   It's then I think of me one true love
   As I walk the hills of Yatan.

2. There sheep graze by the drystone wall
   Across the hills of Yatan
   And the curlew's cry and the red groose call
   Across the hills of Yatan.

3. Oh will we ever walk again,
   Across the hills of Yatan
   In summer's sun or winter's rain,
   Across the hills of yatan.

copyright Graeme Miles
From the singing of the Wilson Family on record,  first heard
from Caroline Paton, at Indian Neck, 1985

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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