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Hillary Song

Hillary Song
(Marlin Spike Werner)

Sir Edmund Hillary dropped from view
In the Customs warehouse at Kathmandu.
Put me in the rack,
Put me in the pillory,
But don't let me go like Sir Edmund Hillary.

The yak is a cow with hairy hips
Who nibbles grass on the edge of cliffs.
You can talk about a billy goat standing on a rock
But never knock the yak, the yak
No, never knock the yak!

A cow in the house is quite in place
For almost half of the human race.
Now you may have a cat or a little white mouse,
But how about a cow in the house, in the house?
Now how about a cow in the house?

- Copyright 1981, Marlin Spike Werner --

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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