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Home Boys Home

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Home Boys Home

Oh, it's early one evening a sailor came ashore,
He asked for a lodging at number fift-four;
He asked for a candle to light him up to bed
And likewise for a pillow to rest his weary head.

cho: And it's home boy s home and it's home I'd like to be
     Home once again in my own countery
     Where the oak and the ash and the bonny willow tree
     Are all growing greener in the north Amerikee

Now Mary being a foolish girl she didn't think no harm
To jump into bed for to keep a sailor warm
He huddled her and cuddled her and called her all his dear
Till she wished the short night had been seven long year

Early next morning the sailor lad arose
And into Mary's apron threw a handful of gold
Saying take this my love for the mischief that I've done
For tonight I fear I've left you with a daughter or a son.

If I have a baby I'll put it out to nurse
For there's gold in my apron and silver in my purse
I'll dry off my breasts like a virgin so free
And I'll pass for a maiden in a strange countery.

If you have a girl she'll have gold to buy her bread
And you may depend she'll never trust a sailor in her bed
If it be a boy he can wear the jacket blue
And go climbing up the rigging like his daddy climbed on you.

DT #319
Laws K43
From Seeds of Love, Sedley

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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