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Honky Tonkin'

Honky Tonkin'
(Hank Williams)

Well, now, if your baby leaves you and you got no place to go
Well, you can come and see me, Darling; oh and bring along some dough

And we'll go honky tonkin', honky tonkin'
We'll go honky tonkin', Honey baby,
We'll go honky tonkin' 'round this town.

Now you and your old man, you have a fallin' out.
Well, you come and see me, Darlin', oh, and we'll go steppin' out.


Well, I'm a-headed up to the city; up to the city fair.
If you want to do the boogie, Baby, well you can meet me there

CHORUS (twice)


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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