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House of Delight

House of Delight
(David Callinan)

Love is easily accepted in the circles I spin
A pool of light crimson bright from the lamp shows you in
A girls stands in the shadows tucked well out of sight
Grabs your eye, breathes a sigh in the House of Delight

Then she licks a purple pencil draws a cross on the wall
And weaving through the carpets you glance 'cross the hall
She asks you your name just to show she's polite
But all the names are the same in the House of Delight

To a room dressed for darkness you feel your way in
And the pale moon gently washes the shapes of your skin
The music comes softly from the ritual right
Watch the clock watching you in the House of Delight

Next door is a general asleep in a chair
Puts his boots by the door just to show  he's been there
Locked deep in a closet a baby sleeps tight
'Til its father comes a calling on the House of Delight.

Copyright David Callinan
Sung by Sen Tyrrell on "Cry of a dreamer" (1995)

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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