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How Can I Keep From Swinging

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How Can I Keep From Swinging
(Harry and Sandy Berkowitz)

Come all you dancers far and near
And hear my plight so stinging
I'm doomed to roam from dance to dance
I cannot keep from swinging.

     My eyes can't see, my feet are sore
     My clothes from sweat are wringing
     The band begins. I can't ignore
     How can I keep from swinging

The music starts, the room's a blur
And everything is spinning;
I know not how, I know not why
But I cannot keep from swinging

     Through Soldier's Joy and Saint Anne's reel
     Through Devil's Dream and Lancers
     I dance and dance the whole night through
     And never find the answers

No matter what the caller calls
It never makes me nervish
For on my right I see the smile
Of another whirling dervish

     To kiss the one in my embrace
     It takes the strength of horses
     My osculation is undone
     By cen-tri-fu-gal forces

And when my bones shall turn to dust
And all this flesh shall wither
A dizzy ghost shall haunt these halls
Still in a spinning dither

     And if this fate I'm to avoid
     And keep my ship from sinking
     I'll make a change e'er all is lost
     I think I'll take up drinking.


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