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Humoresque 2

Humoresque 2
More verses to Humoresque    by Dick Parks

Many dentists recommend
That using  fluoride puts an end
To cavities forever-
North is up.

Stewardesses, take your places
Put a smile upon your faces
The Captain's out of gas-
Knit one, purl two.

No admittance to the service
Shop - it makes our lawyer nervice;
You can use our lounge-
Next window, please.

Taxpayers who use the Table
May round off where they are able;
Itemize deductions-
You are HERE.

Only during business hours
You'll be shot if you pick flowers.
Please don't touch the statues-
I like Ike.

Lots of baggage looks the same;
Make sure yours has your name.
No one wants your laundry-
This end up.
It's important when writing verses to Humoresque to follow the
original ("Passengers . ."  (which, by the way, is correctly attributed
to Mr. Justice Douglas))  to preserve the use of a non-sequitur in
the last line.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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