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Huron Carol (2)

Huron Carol (2)

 Estennialon de tson8e Ies8s ahatonnia!
 Onna8ate8a d'oki n'on8andask8aentak
 Ennonchien sk8atrihotat n'on8andilonrachatha
 Ies8s ahatonnia!

 Aloki onkinnhache eronhialeronnon
 Iontonk ontatiende ndio sen tsatonnharonnion
 8arie onna8ak8eton ndio sen tsatonnharonnion
 Ies8s ahatonnia!

 Te ek8atennonten ahek8achiendaen
 Ti hek8annonronk8annion de son8entenrade
 8toleti skannonh8e ichierhe akennonhonstha
 Ies8s ahatonnia!

 The translation that came with it I from "A Christmas Book", published in 1928,
by DB
 Wyndham Lewis and GC Heseltine is as follows:

 O mortal men, take courage! Jesus is born.
 Now the reign of the Enemy is destroyed
 Hear ye no more what he whispers to your souls.
 Jesus is born.

 Listen to the angels in the skies!
 Do not now reject what they proclaim to you!
 Mary has borne the Greta Spirit, as they foretell.
 Jesus is born.

 Now let us all come and prey to Him,
 Adore him! He has granted our desire.
 Hear him! He wishes you to be good.
 Jesus is born!

 If there are any Huron speakers, maybe they could say which translation is more
written by Jean de Brebeuf. (The "8" is not a misprint - it's the
 way of writing a sound that we don't exactly have in English - "The Hurons have
no M. "8arie"= "Ouarie" = "Marie"):


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