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Hush-a-Ba Birdie Croon

Hush-A-Ba Birdie Croon

     Hush-a-ba birdie, croon, croon,
       Hush-a-ba birdie, croon,
     The sheep are gane to the silver wood,
       And the cows are gane to the broom, broom.

     And it's braw milking the kye, kye,
       It's braw milking the kye,
     The birds are singing, the bells are ringing,
       The wild deer come galloping by, by.

     And hush-a-ba birdie, croon, croon,
       Hush-a-ba birdie, croon,
     The gaits are gane to the mountain hie,
       And they'll no be hame till noon, noon.

     Chambers PRS (1870), 16, noting: "Mr John Richardson, of
     Kirklands, heard the words and music of this lullaby a
     great number of years ago (1858)."  Ford CR 129, NAE
     (1932), 35, Moffat 50 TSNR (1933), 7, Montgomerie SNR
     132 (no. 170), etc.; one of the most favourite bairnsangs,
     because one of the most evocatively poetic.  Cf.  "Ba
     wee birdie, birdie".


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