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Highway Hunter

Highway Hunter
  (Marilyn Robertson)

Cho: Don't you cry, baby. Daddy'll be home soon
     He's out on the road lookin' for a toad or
     Part of a fresh raccoon
     He'll make you a possum sandwich or maybe a rabbit snack
     So don't you worry, baby, Daddy'll be right back

Now times are rough and you can't get enough,
Sometimes you're full of fear
Money and love and even stars above
Are gettin' dimmer every year.
But when it comes to eatin'
You'll always be in clover
Just head out for the highway.
And see what's been run over.

Now we never have to worry
Coz there's always a fresh supply
Of wild deer and frog and family dog
All running out on the highway to die,
No need to let them lie there,
Ground in by the wheels --
You can have a fur wrap and a feather cap
And a couple of good hot meals.

So let's all hear it for Detroit
Keep rolling out them cars.
We'll stock our shelves with moose and elk
And Siamese cat preserved in jars,
Pickled porcupine peppers,
Smoked chihuahua meat --
The more we build those highways,
The more we'll have to eat.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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