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I Am a Suffragette

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I Am a Suffragette
(M. Olive Drennen, C Hanford, 1912)

I met a little country girl, eighteen years old, she said
Her eyes were black, her hair was jet, and she sadly to me said,

Chorus:   "Yes, Papa  votes,but Mama can't, Oh, no, not yet not yet

No matter what the others think, I am a suffragette.''

Oh, all the men make all the laws, which makes the women fret,
But wait and see those laws when we at last our suffrage get.

I have a dandy little beau, he lives down in the town,
And when he asks me to "be his," I'll look at him and frown.
Last Chorus

      "Yes, Papa votes, but Mama can't, Oh, no, not yet, not yet.
      And I'll not marry any man, 'til I my suffrage get."

From Here's to the Women, Wenner and Frielicher

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