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The Idaho Spud

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The Idaho Spud
(John Thomson)

Along about nineteen eighty four
I left Sun Valley, it was such a bore
I packed up my Ray-Bans and my Gucci duds,
And I went out to work in the Idaho spuds.

cho: The Idaho spud is long and green
     It's covered with butter and sour cream.
     Just dig her from the ground and clean off the mud -
     There never was a tater like the Idaho spud.

I drove on down unto Burley town
Found a cute little russet kind of knobby and brown
I said, "Sweet thing, I'll dig you later
Right now I'm a-lookin' for an Idaho tater.

They eat them lobsters on the coast of Maine,
And Gila monsters on the Texas plain
Folks Down Under eat the witchery grub,
But they all taste better with the Idaho spud

You can make it into Vodka, you can make it into beer,
You can eat it with a chicken or an old dead steer.
Stopper up a gas can, serve it at the club
There never was a tater like the Idaho spud.

They got nuclear waste on the desert floor,
The NEC wants to ship in more
A big hole in the ground where they're dumpin' their crud -
Radioactive Idaho spud

(Last verse to be used depending on the audience and the singer's good judgment)

I got a cute little mutant on the cabin floor,
Another half a kid to stop the door
They light right up like green tomaters
Cuzz I'm feedin' them youngsters on nuclear taters

from Faith Petric's CD, "When Did We Have Sauerkraut?"


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