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If I Lose, Let Me Lose

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If I Lose, Let Me Lose

Bob Pfeffer
SOURCE'S SOURCE: Charlie Poole

AIR:             Battleship Maine, White House Blues

I can't walk, neither can I talk
Just gettin' back from the state of old New York
A7                  D
One morning before day

Flossie, oh Flossie, now what is the matter
Walked all the way from old Cincinatta
One morning before day
CHORUS: If I lose, let me lose
                 A7              D
        I don't care how much I lose
              D                               G
        If I lose a hundred dollars while I'm tryin' to win a dime
                A7       D
        For my baby, she needs money all the time

The blood was a-runnin', and I was runnin' too
Give my feet some exercise, I had nothing else to do
One morning before day        (CH)

The peas was so greasy, the meat was so fat
The boys was fightin' the Spaniards while I was fightin' gnats
One morning before day        (CH)

See them girls settin' at the tank
Ready to catch a freight train they call old Nancy Hanks
One morning before day        (CH)

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