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I Got Mine

I Got Mine

Well, I went out to a big crap game,
It was against my will.
Bet all my money
Except one greenback dollar bill.
Was a hundred dollars on the table,
And the feelings they were high.
Just then a cop came through the door
And I got mine.

     I got mine, boys,
     I got mine.
     I grabbed that hundred dollars,
     Through the window I did climb.
     For a while I was a-wearin'good clothes,
     Livin' on chicken and wine.
     Was a leader in society
     When I got mine.
Well, I went into a big cafe
I went in there to dine,
I only had fifteen cents,
But was full of good white wine.
I ate everything on the table,
I was feelin' mighty fine.
And I handed over that fifteen cents
And I got mine.

     I got mine, boys,
     I got mine.
     They used me for a football;
     At kicking they was fine.
     They kicked me through the window,
     I got there just in time.
     A policeman took me to the judge
     And I got mine.

Well, I went to get some chickens,
The night was very fine.
I found them roostin' very high
And for them I did climb.
A bulldog came prowlin' round,
He got there just in time.
He got me by the seat of the pants
And he got mine.

     He got mine, boys,
     He yot mine.
     The rascal took my britches,
     He did it very fine.
     I went home in a barrel,
     I got there just in time.
     I used some Dr. Browns Salve
     Where he got mine.
From Southern Folk Ballads, McNeil

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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