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I Am a Rover

I Am a Rover

1.  She drew a chair, and bade ne sit down,
    And soon she'd told me her heart I'd won:
    She turned her head as I took my leave -
    My bonny lass, for me don't grieve.

cho: I am a rover, and that's well known:
     I am a-bound for to leave my home;
     Leaving ny friends and my dear to mourn;
     My bonny lass, till I return.

2.  I sat me down for to write a song,
    I wrote it wide and I wrote it long,
    At every line I shed a tear,
    At every word, I cried "My dear!"

3.  Oh, am I bound or am I free?
    Oh, am I bound for to marry thee?
    A married life you soon shall see,
    A contented mind, no jealousy.

4.  As I rode over yon dreary moor,
    Ere I lost sight of my true love's door,
    My legs were lame and my eyes were blind -
    I'd left my bonny lass behind.

From the Watersons; their source, Frank Kidson, Traditional Tunes.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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