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Impeachment Time in Georgia

Impeachment Time in Georgia
(Art Thieme) (finished 1/22/1999)

It's impeachment time in Georgia
Nit pickin' time in Tennessee
A bad time now for the president
And also for Ms. Hilary
It's kick 'em while they're down time in Texas
And everywhere else don't ya see
It's impeachment time in the USA
And the Limbaugher cheesebrains shout, "YIPPEE!"

They've been after the man since the first day,
Lookin' under beds and into trees,
Looking for a way to bring the man down
'Cause he dared rely on Hilary
To figure out a way to get insurance
For all in the land of the free
So they did with mirrors and smoke bombs
What could not be done in reality.

Reagan busted the Air Traffic Union,
Bush beat Sadam and then just let him be
So he'd be there to screw things up
And make stuff tough for bill and Hilary
Then they hired big-mouthed venom spewers
To pervert the freedon of speech
And to scream, "BLOODY MURDER" and "FIRE" In the theater---
then, "GET HIM"---"LET'S IMPEACH".

Now that there's no USSR
To hate "legitimately"
And since Ed Murrow slew Joe McCarthy
And he's rotting away harmlessly
It's to hell with bipartisanship
That's show we're all humanity
Let's dig up crooked Richard Nixon
To revel in this new prosperity.

And add to the list Adolph Hitler
The haters'd love to see him strut
And good old General Franco
Those were the days, sure enough
Repeal all the Civil Rights advances
And Social Security help

So, it's impeachment time in Georgia
Prez pickin' time in Tennessee
Jump on the big bandwagon
Slam-dunk it in your face, you pinko sleaze
Now we're all as rich as old Bill Gates
But to share it went out with lefty slime
It's impeachment time in the USA
It's impeachment time, but I GOT MINE!!

tune: "Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia" (Jimmie Rodgers)
Copyright Art Thieme

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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