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Inglewood Cocky

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Inglewood Cocky

An Inglewood cocky of whom I've been told
Who died, it is said, on account of the cold
As he lay on his death-bed and wrestled with Fate
He called on his children to share the estate

Let John have the pig and the pet native bear
The old kangaroo can be Margaret's share
Let Mike have the possum that comes when he's called
And Katey the emu although he's gone bald

To Mary I'm leaving the pink cockatoo
And that's about all your poor father can do
There's fish in the creek and there's fowl on the lake
Let each take as much as they're able to take

Farewell, my dear children, no more can I leave
Don't quarrel, or else my poor spirit will grieve
And if you should marry, and have children to rear
Remember I nursed you on pumpkin and beer

Collected by John Manifold from Mr P. Ames at Kyabram, Victoria.
A version of this song titled 'The New England Cocky' was printed by
Paterson in his Old Bush Songs


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