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In New York Town

In New York Town
(Lee Hoffman/Dick Greenhaus ca. 1957)

In New York town, there did dwell
A lovely youth who frailed quite well
He bought himself a Mastertone
And now he's up and left me all alone

    Wide and deep my grave shall be
    With the wild bluegrassers picking over me.

Oh once he wore his banjo low
And sang those songs we all do know,
Now he wears his banjo high
He'll pick a tune by Scruggs and pass me by.

Oh once he was a Seegerite
He'd play for me both day and night.
Now that he just picks Scruggs so loud
He spends his time with that bluegrassing crowd.

There is a Square in New York town
Where my love goes and stands around,
He picks his banjo every day
And "Hit Parade of Love" is all he'll play.

Note: Some things don't change.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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