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I.Q. Test

I.Q. Test

What will become of this twelve-year-old of mine, of mine--
A twelve-year old with a mental age of nine, of nine?
With an I.Q. of seventy four at best,
Who never passed an algebra test,
Must he always go through life depressed,
Then stand in a welfare line?!

At the age of six the law can be so cruel, so cruel:
With a mental age of four-and-a-half, he went to school;
With social promotions he failed and failed
As through the primary grades he trailed
'Till now, on his heart a sign is nailed:
"A fool! -- a fool!"

We plant some seeds in early March and some we plant in May;
But kids are planted in school at six -- right after Labor Day
Without regard for the varying vine:
The honeysuckle and columbine
A farmer would never be so inclined:
To plant his crops that way.

God has given girls and boys to me and you.
To raise in the very finest way we knew, we knew.
We've done our best both day and night
To bring this little boy up right
And now he has academic blight!
--What shall we do?

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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