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Irish Girls

Irish Girls
(Bob Lusk)

Well those Dublin girls are hip
     I really dig those styles they wear
And the Cork girls with the way they talk
     they knock me out when I'm down there
Those Limerick farmer's daughters
     really make you feel all right
And the Belfast girls with the way they kiss
     they keep their boyfriends warm at night

Cho: Aren't you glad that they're all Irish (girls)
     Aren't you glad that they're all Irish girls
     Girls, girls, girls, girls

Well Galway has the sunshine
     and the girls all get so tan
And I like to do it in Donegal
     where they treat you like you're a man
I've been all around this great big world
     and I've seen all kinds of girls
But Gramachree, I can't wait, to get back home
     back to the cutest girls in the world

Now Dublin got the dusty babes
     and Connaght feels so right
I'll kick up my heels at a celeigh
     on a stormy Belfast night
I'll drink my mead with a lass from Meath
     and I'll catch her if I can
We'll monster mash at a Munster bash
     Come on now, give me your hand

Music: David Lee Roth
Words: Bob Lusk

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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