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Irish Soldier Boy

Irish Soldier Boy

At a cottage door one wintry night
As the snow lay on the ground
A youthful Irish soldier boy
To the mountains he was bound
His mother stood beside him saying
"You'll win my boy don't fear"
And with loving arms around his waist
She tied his bandolier

"Goodbye God bless you mother dear
I hope your heart won't pain
But pray to God your soldier boy
You soon will see again
For when I'm out in the firing line
'Twill be a source of joy
To know that you're a mother proud
Of an Irish soldier boy".

When the fighting it was over
And the flag of truce was raised
The leaders ordered the fire to cease
All Ireland stood amazed
His comrades came to the cottage door
With a note from her pride and joy
Containing the news in sad detail
Of her Irish soldier boy.

"Good bye God bless you mother dear
I'm dying a death so grand
From wounds received in action
Trying to free my native land
But I know we'll meet in heaven above
In a land beyond the sky
There you'll always be in company
Of you Irish soldier boy"

"A long farewell to Donegal
Kilkenny and Mayo.
Tipperary, Derry, and Tyrone
Where the bushes green do grow
And when at night you'll kneel and pray
'Twill be a source of joy
To know that you're remembering still
Your Irish soldier boy".

This is the complete version including all the verses.
Some singers omit the last verse, andit's a pity. BO'B


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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