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Isle of May

Isle of May
  (Matt Armour)

See the morning light,
Hear the puffins calling,
End another night,
Off the Isle of May.

Bright eastern skies,
White cliffs arise,

See the new day break,
Fisherman awake,

Small boats fall and rise,
To the fishers' cries,

See the dories coming,
Pray for herring running,
In the day's bright sun,
See the net-lines run,

See the long lines flowing,
Deep in Forth they're going,

See the net-lines hauled in,
Light loads are trawling,

Run the nets once more,
Off the cold Fife Shore,

Turn again to Fife,
That's the inshore life,

As the day's light fades,
Small money made,

No more herring swim,
Hard times are come,
The bright herring's gone,
Inshore life is done,

Copyright Matt Armour

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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