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Jamie Foyer

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Jamie Foyer

It's of a young soldier so brave and so true
He's gone to the wars his duty to do.
His father and mother did sorely complain,
For young Jamie Foyer they'll ne'er see again.

It's mounting a ladder to scale the wall,
A shot from a French gun caused Foyer to fall.
He fell from the ladder like a soldier so brave,
And young Jamie Foyer in battle was slain.

"If ever you return to Scotland again,
Tell my dear father I'll never return,
And alas my poor mother, that long may she mourn,
For her young son Foyer will never return."

They had for his winding sheet his tartan and plaid,
And in the cold ground his body they laid.
with their hearts full of sorrow they covered his grave,
And young Foyer's comrades marched slowly away.

From Penguin Book of Canada   Folk Songs, Fowke

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