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James Grant

James Grant

'Away with you, away with you, James de Grant!
And, Douglas, ye'll be slain;
Fir Baddindalloch's at your gates,
With many brave Highland men.'

'Ballindalloch has no feud at me,
And I have none at him;
Cast up my gates baith broad and wide,
Let Ballindalloch in.'

'James de Grant has made a vaunt,
And leaped the castle wa;
But, if he comes this way again,
He'll no win sae well awa.

'Take him, take him, brave Gordons,
O take him fine fellows a';
If he wins but a mile to the Highland hills,
He'll defy you Gordons a'.'

Child #197
from Child from Motherwell
In 1628, John Grant of Ballindalloch killed John Grant of Carron.  James Grant
(uncle) did some raiding and escaped both capture and from prison several times.
He was eventually pardoned in 1639.

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