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James Ervin

James Ervin

I am a bold Republican, James Ervin is my name;
I enlisted in the train,
And for to exercise on Sunday did not with me agree,
And that's the time, my brave boys, I took my liberty.

I had an only sweetheart, Jane Wilson was her name.
She said if I'd desert all for to let her know;
She'd dress me in her own clothes that I might go to and fro.
The weather being dark and rainy, which well favored me,
And that's the time, my brave boys, I took my liberty.

I traveled all that night and part of the next day;
I came to Telaport and lay down on some hay.
I had not laid there long before I rose again;
I spied five of the train.

We had a bloody combat; at length I beat them all;
Those bloody rascals for quarters they did call.
"Spare my life. bold Ervin, we will pray by thee
And swear by all that you fought for your liberty".

I went on down to sweet Galley
And worked at my shoemaking trade a half a year,
But carelicks, fareiicks, drawing near,
It's ten to one, my brave boys, if I keep m)r liberty.

They lodged me in the guardhouse. my case for to deplore
I leaped out at the window and knocked two of them down;
The light horse and the guardsmen, they quickly followed me,
But I was received by a friend, and so I kept my liberty.

I can whip any kingsman or Orangeman that does before me go;
I can make them fly before me like an arrow from a bow.

From Gardner
SUNG in August, 1935 by Mr. E. W. Harns, Greenville,
   who learned the song in Kalamazoo County Michigan
   some time before the Civil War.
DT #766
Laws J15
From Gardner

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