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Commodore Jack Barry

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Commodore Jack Barry

One eve as day was dying, and sinking in the night
With the British emblem flying, the Sibyl came in sight
The English captain hailed us as he down upon us bore
And proudly answered Barry, our brave old Commodore.

'This is the ship, Alliance, from Philadelphia town;
She proudly bids defiance to England's King and crown.
As captain of the deck I stand to guard her banner true;
Half-Yankee and half-Irishman, what tyrant's slave are you!'

Then with the voice of thunder our guns began the fight,
Though battling against number and the foeman's fleet in sight;
For the Hudson and the Shannon 'gainst the minions of the crown,
We fought them till our cannon brought the British ensign down.

Says the Commodore: 'We'll take her from before their very
With another broadside rake her and we'll carry off the prize.'
Then our round shot went careening through their rigging and
  their spars,
And our crew began a cheering for the Yankee stripes and stars.

And streaming on the breeze aloft it waved in all its pride
Above the foeman's captured craft now sailing by our side.
Oh how our gallant seamen cheered just as the sun went down,
And our good vessel homeward steered for Philadelphia town.

From Irish Songs of th Sea, Healy

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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