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Jackie Frazier (Jackie Monroe, Jack the Sailor)

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Jackie Frazier (Jackie Monroe, Jack the Sailor)
JACKIE FRAZIER (Jackie Monroe, Jack the Sailor)

There was a wealthy merchant, In London he did dwell
He had a daughter Polly and the truth to you I'll tell,
     And sing toorul lundi ee doo,
     And sing toorul lundi O!

She had both lords and squires, and courted day and night
But on none but Jack her sailor boy she placed her heart's delight

Her father being in a passion, and unto her did say:
Good morning, Madam Frazier, since that's your truelove's name.

Father, here is my body, and it you may confine
But none but Jack the sailor boy can ever suit my mind.

Polly being at liberty, and money at command,
She took a sudden notion to see some foreign land.
She went into a tailor's shop and dressed in men's array.
And bargained with her sailor boy to carry her away.

It's now you are on shipboard, your name I wish to know,
She, smiling in her countenance:  "They call me Jack Monroe."

It's now that they have anchored and sailed far away
They landed at French Landing on a clear and pleasant day.

Your waist it is too slender, your hands they are too small.
Your cheeks they are too rosy red to face the cannon ball.

I know my waist is slender, my hands they are but small;
But my cheeks are not too rosy red to face the cannon ball!

So the drums did beat and rattle, and the fife did sweetly play;
She marched up to the enemy and bravely fought away.

The drums did beat and rattle and the cannon balls did fly.
When a ball from the enemy caused her darling down to lie.

She picked him up in her own arms, and carried him to the town.
And left him with a surgeon to heal his bleeding wounds.

So now the war is over, and they'll sail back again;
They landed at her father's house on a clear and pleasant morn.

Her mother being near them, and in some secret place,
Says she: This young man's features resemble Polly's face!

I am your daughter Polly, from you I run away;
I followed Jack my sailor boy to the wars of Germany.

I followed him over land, and I followed him over sea;
I married him in the army, and I have him here with me.

So come all ye tender parents, and never part true love,
For you're bound to see in some degree the ruin it will prove.

So now they are both married and living at their ease;
So, parents, let your children get married as they please.
     And sing toorul lundi ee doo
     And sing toorul lundi O!

From Folk Songs of the Americas, Lloyd and Rivera
DT #331
Laws N7

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