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Jeff in Petticoats

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Jeff in Petticoats
(Henry Tucker and George Cooper)

Jeff Davis was a hero bold, You've heard of him, I know
He tried to make himeself a king where southern breezes blow.
But "Uncle Sam" he laid the youth across his mighty knee
And spanked him well and that's the end of brave old Jeffy D.

cho: Oh! Jeffy D.!
     You "flow'r of chivalree,"
     Oh royal Jeffy D.!
     Your empire's but a tin-clad skirt
     Oh charming Jeffy D.

This Davis he was always full of bluster and of brag,
He swore, on all our Northern walls he'd plant his Rebel flag.
But when to battle he did go he said, "I'm not so green,
To dodge the bullets I will wear my tin-clad crinoline."

Now when he saw the game was up he started for the woods,
His bandbox hung upon his arm quite full of fancy goods.
Said Jeff,"They'll never take me now, I'm sure I'll not be seen
They'd never think to look for me beneath my crinoline."

Jeff took with him, the people say, a mine of golden coin
Which he, from banks and other places managed to purloin.
But while he ran, like every thief, he had to drop the spoons,
And maybe that's the reason why he dropped his pantaloons.

Our union boys were on his track for many nights and days,
His palpitating heart it beat Enough to burst his stays.
Oh! What a dash he must have cut with form so tall and lean
Just fancy now the "What is it? Dressed up in crinoline!"

The ditch that Jeff was hunting for he found was very near,
He tried to "shift" his base again, his neck felt rather queer.
Just on the out-"skirts" of a wood his dainty shape was seen,
His boots stuck out, and now they'll hang Old Jeff in crinoline.

note: According to Jefferson Davis, his wife threw a shawl of hers
     over his shoulders against the night chill just before he was
     captured. According to popular Northern rumor,he tried to
     escape the Union troops in drag. RG


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