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Jamie Judge

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Jamie Judge

Come all ye undaunted heroes,
Who ride the restless deep,
Think on that heartful young man
That underneath doth sleep.
He was just as fine a young man
As ever you did see,
And on yon Bonshee River
He met his destiny.

It was on yon Bonshee River
One mile below Renfrew,
Where we went out to break a jam
And with the jam went through.
In vain was his activity
His precious life to save,
In spite of his exertions
He met with a watery grave.

It was early the next morning
The drivers all did join
To go in search of this young man
His body for to find.
They searched the deep on every side
Where the seething torrents fly,
Till a fisher boy, as I've been told,
His floating corpse espied.

When they took him from the water,
It would grieve your heart full sore,
To see his handsome features
By the rocks all cut and tore,
To see so fine a young man
Cut down in all his bloom.
It was on yon Bonshee River
He met with an awful doom.

To see his aged father,
It would grieve your heart full sore,
And to see his aged mother
While her gray hair she tore.
To see the girl that loved him
Bowed down with grief full sore,
Saying, "He was my only true love,
No other will I adore."

This young man's name wras Jarnes A. Judge,
I mean to let you know.
I mean to sound his praises
Wherever I do go.
His hair hung down in ringulets,
His skin was white as snow,
And he was admired by all the girls
Wherever he did go.

From Traditional American Folk Songs, Anne and Frank Warner
Collected from John Galusha 1941
DT #680
Laws C4

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