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Jimmy Murphy

Jimmy Murphy

T'was down in Kilkenny the great row was making
And poor little Jimmy Murphy was the last to be taken

CHO: We are far from the last rout
     From the East to Downpatrick
     Where lies poor little Jimmy Murphy
     On the sweet green mossy banks
     skinnymalink killymajoe whisky frisky tooraloo
     Rank a diddle dido ding dural i doe!

We gathered our pikes, our flintlocks and great branches
And straight to Wexford town we made our advances

We took Vinegar Hill, Enniscorthy and Gorey
T'was the boys of the Cork Militia that deprived us the glory

We marched through the town and we marched through the city
Our hands were tied behind us and the ladies cried "Pity."

Now Jimmy Murphy was hanged - not for sheepstealing
But for courting a pretty girl and her name was Kate Whelan

Riddle me that! Three verses were collected in Wales in the early part of the
century. Two more were written recently by one Luke Cheevers.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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