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Jim Swaggart, the Preacher

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Jim Swaggart, the Preacher
(Dan Newton)

Oh me name is Jim Swaggart, I'm a preacher;
I used to save souls on TV,
But they caught me carousing with floozies
And they've taken my program from me.

cho: To me ink-twing of an ink-thing of an i-day
     To me ink-twing of an ink-thing of of an i-doe;
     To me rubaru rubaru randy
     And me bankroll continues to grow.

Well, when I was a lad, Ma would scold me
Sayin', "James, keep your hands off your crotch!"
Well, to do it was dirty, she told me
But she never said I couldn't watch.

Well, they labled Jim Baker a pervert
And they called me a lecher, it's true,
Even though I never did nothin'
I just asked for a room with a view.

Well, my sorrows, they soon will be over
And I'll soon be a rich man again;
For I've just sold my story to Playboy,
And the movie rights to MGM.

tune: Dick Darby, the Cobbler


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