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The Jealous Lover 2

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The Jealous Lover 2

Down by you weepin' willow, where the vi'lets gently bloom
There sleeps our young Florilla, so silent in the tomb.

She died, not broken hearted, Nor in sickness did she fail
But in one moment parted from those she loved so well.

One evenon' as the moon shone brightly An' soft o'er hill and dale
Unto this maiden's cottage a jealous lover came.

"Florilla, let us wander down by yon meadow gay
There we will sit and ponder upon our wedding day."

The way was cold and dreary an' the night was coming on
As into the lonesome valley he led the maiden on.

"Oh Edward, I am tired of wanderin' here along
The night is cold and dreary, I beg you take me home."

"You have not the wings of an eagle, nor from me can you fly
No earthly soul can hear you. You instantly must die."

Down on her knees she bended, an' begged him for her life
But into that snowy bosom he plunged a gleamin' knife.

"Oh Edward, I'll forgive you with my last dyin' breath
I never have deceived you as I close my eyes in death."

"Here's adieu to my fond parents an' to my friends adieu,
An' you, my dearest Edward, may all your words prove true."

Down on his knees he bended, sayin' "Oh what have I done,
I've murdered my Florilla, true as the risin' sun."

Down in that lonely valley where the willows weep o'er her grave
Florilla lies forgotten, where the merry sunbeams play.

From Ozark Folksongs, Randolph
Collected from Mrs. Warren Durbin and Sissie Pierce, MO, 1929
DT #626
Laws F1

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