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Fair Florilla

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Fair Florilla

Down by the weeping willow
Where the violets early do bloom,
There lies a young fair Ella
So silent in the tomb.

She died not broken hearted,
Nor sickness did her befall;
But in one moment parted
From her friends that she loved so well.

One night as the moon shone brightly
As bright as ever you knew;
Up to her cottage lightly
Her treacherous lover drew.

Come, love, with me let's wander,
Down by those banks so gay,
That we may sit and ponder
Upon our wedding day."

The way was long and dreary
And night was coming on,
Says she, "I am weary and tired,
I would that we would return."

"Oh, no, my love, you never
Down by these banks shall rove,
So bid farewell forever
To your parents and your home."

Down upon her knees before him
She begged him for her life;
Deep, deep into her bosom,
He plunged that deadly knife.

"O Edwin, I'll forgive you.
If these are my last dying breaths;
I never have deceived you-"
And she closed her eyes in death.

A banner waved around her-
I heard the bugle sound;
A passing stranger found her,
Cold and lifeless on the ground.

From The New Green Mountain Songster, Flanders et al
Collected from Mrs. Orlon Merrill, NH

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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