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Dashing Through the Sky

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Dashing Through the Sky

Dashing through the sky,
In a Foxtrot one-oh-five,
Through the flak we fly,
Trying to stay alive.

The SAMs destroy your calm,
The MiGs come up to play,
What fun it is to strafe and bomb,
The P.R.V. today!

Chorus: CBUs, Mark 82s, Seven-fifties, too,
Daddy Vulcan strikes again,
Our Christmas gift to you.

Head's up Ho Chi Minh,
The Fives are on their way,
Your luck it has give in,
There's going to be hell to pay.

Today it is our turn,
To make you gawk and stare,
What fun it is to watch things burn,
And blow up everywhere!

tune: Jingle Bells
"P.R.V.," People's Republic of Vietnam.
"Daddy Vulcan" refers to the aircraft's Vulcan cannon.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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