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Young Johnny of Hazelgreen

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Young Johnny of Hazelgreen

"Oh, what is the matter, my pretty fair maid
What makes you sigh and moan?
Your father is dead and your mother's alive;
 I dare you not go home?"
"My father is dead and my mother's alive
But I value it not a pin.
I am weeping for my own true love,
Young Johnny of Hazelgreen."

"Come, go with me, my pretty fair maid,
Come go along with me,
And I'11 take you to as fine a lord
 As ever you wish to see."
And when they came to the castle-gate,
Such a crowd there ne'er was seen,
And amongst the crowd was her own true love,
Young Johnny of Hazelgreen.

"You're welcome back, dear father," he said,
"You're welcome back to me;
You've brought me back my bonny fair bride
 I thought I never should see,"
For twenty-five kisses he gave to her
Before he let her in, saying,
"I hope you'll make a virtuous bride
 For Johnny of Hazelgreen."

Child #293
From Flanders, Ancient Ballads Traditionally sung in New England
collected from Mrs. Lily Delorme of Cadyville NY

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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