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Jockie Tam an' Jockie Till

Jockie Tam an' Jockie Till

     Jockie Tam an' Jockie Till
     Went a-walkin' owre the hill;
     There they fund a bonnie yowe,
     Siller ribbons on her pow;
     "Guid e'en tae ye, bonnie men!
     Seek ye but an' seek ye ben;
     I hae tint ma lammie fine,
     She's no here sin' denner-time."
     "We hae seen her, in the fog,
     Chaset by a muckle dog;
     She is fa'n intae a moss,
     Haste ye, yowie, or she'll be lost."

     Jock Tam an' Jock Wull
     They went walkin' owre the hill;
     There they fand a bonnie coo,
     Siller ribbons on its mou;
     "Guid day, ma braw gentlemen!
     Seek ye but, or seek ye ben?
     I hae lost ma cauf sae fine,
     He's no been here since denner-time."
     "We hae seen him in the girse,
     He's fa'n doon upon his erse,
     There he lies in a great moss,
     Haste ye, crummy, or he'll be lost."

     Coll. by M.S.; (1) from Fife, c. 1960; (2) from
     Perthshire, but coll. Newbattle, 1973.

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