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Uncle Joe's "Hail Columbia"

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Uncle Joe's "Hail Columbia"
(Henry Clay Work)

Uncle Joe come home a singing,
     Hail Columby!
Glorious times de Lord is bringing,
     Now let me die.
Fling de chains into de ribber,
     Lay de burden down;
Dar is one who will delibber,
     Now let me die.

cho: Ring de bells in eb'ry steeple!
     Raise de Flag on high!
     De Lord has come to sabe His people,
     Now let me die.

Bressed days, I lib to see them,
     Hail Columby!
I hab drawn a breff of freedom,
     Now let me die.
Ninety years I bore de burden,
     Den He heard my cry
Standin' on de banks ob Jordan
     Now let me die.

Dis is what de war was brought for
     Hail, Columby!
Dis is what our faders fought for
     Now let me die,
Dar's an end to all dis sorrow
     Comin' by and by,
Prayin for dat  bressed tomorrow
     Now let me die.

I hab seen de rebels beaten
     Hail Columby!
I hab sen de hosts retreatin'
     Now let me die.
O! dis Union can't be broken
     Dar's no use to try,
No sech ting de Lord has spoken
     Now let me die.

I'll go home a-singing "Glory!"
     Hail Columby!
Since I heard dis bressed story
     Now let me die.
'Tis de ransom ob de nation
     Drawin' now so nigh
'Tis de day ob full salbation
     Now let me die.

From Songs of Henry Clay Work, Work
note: Dialect is politically incorrect, but sentiment is pure
     Abolitionist. RG

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